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Adam Kostylo, Director & Producer

Adam Kostylo attended Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, where he earned a BFA in Creative Producing. Since graduating, he’s wasted no time.


Adam was raised in a small valley in southeast Honolulu. At a young age, his parents placed the family camcorder in his hands, and that is when his love of entertainment began.  Adam would plan, shoot and edit all his own videos, both for fun and to satisfy his desire to entertain others.   As college began, Adam realized that this love of providing entertainment could actually lead to a career, which was relieving because he didn’t want to do anything else. 


During the summer before his junior year of college, Adam joined and quickly became a key member of the entertainment production company Blu Collar Entertainment, which provides professional media services to the Orange County and Los Angeles areas.  He believes that success is determined by effort, and acts accordingly. 

Brian Conti, Producer

Brian Conti has become a noteworthy photographer from San Clemente, CA.  Growing up, he enjoyed playing basketball and later found a passion in the arts.  After earning his Associate's Degree in Graphic Design, he realized his interests lied more in photography. In 2013, he became a key member of Blu Collar Entertainment.


As Brian continues building his brand and portfolio, he also plays an essential role in the making of this film.  He provides a second mind and a second angle on all decisions that are made and (almost) all interviews that are completed.  He assists with outreach and manages the film's Instagram and Twitter accounts.


Brian's desire to be a full-time photographer keeps him motivated and especially excited about the potential of this project.  


Anthony Rose, Producer

Anthony Rose founded Blu Collar Entertainment in 2010. He was just a year into film school when a professor encouraged him to drop out and pursue his dreams more aggressively.  


Growing up in Inglewood, CA required a natural alertness that stuck with Anthony long after he moved to Orange County. He uses that same alertness to observe and grow in the industry.  


Beyond what he can do as a director, Anthony excels in marketing and brand development. He is assisting with both for this film, and helping ensure we get the attention needed to have an impact. 


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